Postcards From The Volcano

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Stephan Barrett

Having charted a course through various musical landscapes, ranging from recitals amidst the clinking of teacups in smoke-filled drawing rooms to crepuscular pastoral  and Noirish escapades on the open road, he now finds himself on a new shore. His growing interest in the sonority of found objects, field recordings, sound art and tape experiments will provide him with the tools for his next voyage.

His latest work was released on Visible Near Midnight Recordings in the summer of 2015. Listen to a sample of the work here.

Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

Having grown up climbing trees, upturning stones, mimicking birdsong, and making nests in hay bales, Helen has an enduring love affair with green and wild spaces. Now a city dweller, she's especially drawn to those tenacious plants and beasts that spring up in urban realms when things are abandoned, left to their own devices. As a born wanderer, she continues her ecstatic perambulations in the Big Smoke, seeking out adventure under moonlight, and echoing bridges. With curiosity in her backpack and a plethora of recording devices at hand she pulls on her well-worn boots and strides out into the city that has become her muse. 

In 2010, Helen co-founded SoundFjord, a gallery and research unit dedicated to the sonic arts. Breaking down the physical and psychological restrictions of a fixed location SoundFjord now works nomadically, preferring to collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals, curating works in unexpected and curious locations. Helen is currently an honorary research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Music Dept.) and curator-in-residence at Octopus, Cumbria.